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Hey there, I’m Hannah Barefoot. I’m a theatrically trained actress, singer, and dancer living and working in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Wyoming Girl, born and raised.

I’m the Femme Fatale who happens to live next door, maybe bakes you a cake, and might be a murderous nurse ... In real life, I do my best to love people and be as genuine as humanly possible.

I love fast-paced physical action (check out my action reel) as much as edgy drama and quirky comedy (you can see all my reels here).

DREAM ROLES - Catwoman, Maggie the Cat (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof), and the All The Ones That Haven’t Happened Yet.

You can either find me hiking or in a dance class, though I’m also prone to baking and I do enjoy a good bourbon. Not usually all at the same time.


I’m also a writer and am currently hard at work crafting several series and films with my development partner.

If you’re looking for my music, my band is called ‘The Luminous Grey.’ You can download and listen to it HERE. Andy and I thank you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Much love,